Animal Spirits Episode 73: The Expectations Gap

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We discuss:

  • What Congress doesn’t understand about financial services.
  • The college admissions bribery scandal.
  • Does it matter where you went to college?
  • Can tech companies solve higher education?
  • CalPERS wants to double down on private investments
  • The expectations gap in retirement
  • The biggest threat to financial planning
  • Stocks that suffer a crisis of confidence
  • The new Harry Markowtiz portfolio is not what you think
  • What does automation mean for the future of jobs in finance
  • Simplifying versus behavior?
  • Netflix movies still have a ways to go and much more

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TV Shows/Movies/Podcasts Mentioned:

  • Free Solo – This was as good as advertised. Watching him climb El Capitan made my palms sweaty and my stomach churn. Best documentary I’ve seen in a while. Try to find this on the National Geographic channel for free.
  • Triple Frontier – Ugh. Decent premise but not a great movie. Netflix still has some work to do on its movie offerings. Would not recommend to a friend. 3 out of 10.
  • Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo – Check out the first two back-up QB stories episodes. A very honest assessment of what went wrong in terms of talented QBs whose careers didn’t turn out how they wanted.
  • Apollo 11 – Michael liked this doc on the moon landing but said it was a little slow so give it some time.

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