Animal Spirits: Worst Recession Ever

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We discuss:

  • A boom in new businesses
  • “Democratize investing” may actually be working
  • Why “sleeping at night” may not be the best financial advice
  • Does asset allocation even matter during retirement?
  • Why a 60/40 and 75/25 portfolio aren’t all that different
  • SPACs are the new IPOs
  • The massive housing shortage in the United States
  • Was that a generational buying opportunity in real estate?
  • Is housing the next epicenter of wealth inequality?
  • Did Kevin Costner cause a housing boom in Montana?
  • Older people are becoming younger
  • What if we see a boom in health science from the pandemic?
  • Why politics is ripe for fraud
  • The massive opportunity for tech firms in residential real estate
  • Are podcast players the next streaming wars?

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