Talk Your Book: Breaking the Market Cap

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We discuss:

  • Why the S&P 500 is so hard to beat.
  • Why such a small number of companies account for such a large portion of market returns.
  • How could you reweight the S&P 500 to get a smaller, more high-quality strategy?
  • The thinking behind reverse market cap weighting the S&P 500.
  • Is it possible to invest in qualitative factors as opposed to quantitative factors?
  • How to invest in customer satisfaction.
  • How long do strong consumer brands last?
  • Some surprising consumer brands.
  • Does Dunkin Donuts have happier customers than Starbucks?
  • The problems with market cap weighting and why tilting away from the overall market can make sense.
  • Why diversifying by different market factors makes sense.

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