Animal Spirits: The Least Happy Age

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • Can the 60/40 portfolio ever really die?
  • Why stock matter more than bonds for long-term returns
  • Why don’t rich people just stop working?
  • Did Carl Icahn ruin Blockbuster?
  • Is anyone listening when influencers tell us what to buy?
  • What if the recession is still a few years away?
  • Buybacks and earnings growth
  • The best predictor of stock fund returns
  • What age are people the least happy in life?
  • The huge shift from individual stocks to stock funds
  • Was Disney Plus a no-brainer?
  • QE on the DL
  • Will QE ever really go away?
  • Does the market care about the volume of trading?
  • Is Office Space properly rated?
  • Is Paul Rudd the least polarizing actor on the planet?
  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster and much more

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