Animal Spirits: Listener Mailbag

Today’s listener mailbag is presented by Naviplan by Invest Cloud:

Michael and I dive back into the mailbag to go through a bunch of listener questions with a little help from our friend Tony Stich.

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We discuss:

  • The best way to set up an income-producing portfolio
  • How to set up your portfolio to make up for lost income from a spouse who stops working
  • The risks involved in a covered call strategy
  • How much crypto excitement is based purely on price?
  • Is a bigger housing market safer from a price decline perspective?
  • How bad is inflation for growth stocks?
  • How to be a contrarian in a falling stock
  • Why it’s so hard to sell a stock with a high dividend yield
  • How to hedge against inflation?
  • Investing for kids: UTMA vs. custodial brokerage account
  • How to judge your financial advisor

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