Animal Spirits: Cancel All the Debt

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We discuss:

  • New vaccine Monday
  • Why the stock market doesn’t care about rising Covid cases
  • Are we in for a new wave of shutdowns?
  • Why people will take the vaccine even if they don’t want to
  • 6 reasons Biden is set up for a good economy
  • What’s the best age to die?
  • Why we can’t 100% trust the polls anymore
  • More companies should help their workers create an emergency fund
  • What should you use your emergency fund for?
  • Is a college education still worth it?
  • Should the government cancel student loan debt? What about credit card debt?
  • Why are so many young people dissatisfied with everything?
  • A WFH tax?
  • Why is there so much cash on the sidelines?
  • Will companies have a hard time finding employees after the pandemic?
  • Using margin to boost your returns and more

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