Animal Spirits: Shielded Alpha

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • The upside to social media
  • Zombie VC companies
  • Podcasting at Wealth/Stack
  • Bubbles and career risk
  • Growth and value cycles
  • Using credit card reward points
  • Congress is coming for your IRA
  • Translucent ETFs
  • Could you win a point off Serena?
  • Where couples meet these days
  • The contradictory nature of having skin in the game
  • What’s boosting snack sales
  • Influencing and side hustling is hard
  • Why specializing in sports could lead to more injuries
  • What to do in a low expected returns world
  • How much is enough in an emergency savings fund?
  • Was No Country For Old Men good on a re-watch and much more

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