Talk Your Book: Investing in Private Real Estate with Fundrise

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Fundrise:

We spoke with Ben Miller, co-founder and CEO of Fundrise, about their real estate investing platform.

We discuss:

  • Investing in the private real estate market
  • The difference between public and private markets during this crisis
  • How has the crisis impacted real estate prices?
  • Why interest rates don’t matter in a liquidity crisis
  • The various segments of the private real estate market
  • Managing illiquid holdings during a crisis
  • Private real estate vs. REITs
  • How long should your time horizon be as a private real estate investor?
  • Who is the competition in the private real estate market?
  • Distressed vs. high-quality real estate
  • Where do returns in real estate come from?
  • How technology can make private investing more efficient
  • Who is the typical investor for Fundrise?
  • How will the work from home trend impact the real estate market?

Listen here:


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