Animal Spirits: Listener Mailbag

Today’s listener mailbag is presented by Naviplan by Advicent:

Go to to learn more about how their financial planning software. And check out The Planning Desk Podcast with Tony Stich who helped us answer some questions today.

We discuss:

  • At what point do you need to rebalance your portfolio?
  • How to plan ahead financially for kids
  • How do you get currency diversification?
  • Will rebalancing put a floor on bond losses?
  • Can you be diversified with 10 or fewer stocks?
  • Is now the time to cash in on a hot housing market and take a career risk?
  • Why are mid cap stocks so overlooked?
  • Why so many people in their 30s and 40s desire a career change
  • Do you need an FX trading strategy in your portfolio?
  • Why buying some countries is like buying individual stocks
  • What are the biggest trends coming in the wealth management industry?
  • Taking more risk while saving for your down payment
  • When does whole life insurance make sense in a portfolio?
  • What’s the best way to find the biggest winners in the stock market?
  • Why it’s so difficult to use individual stocks for financial advisors
  • What is the right age to introduce your kids to money matters?
  • What are the benefits of an HSA account?

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