Talk Your Book: Direct Indexing

Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by Orion.

Michael and I spoke with Rusty Vannemen, Chief Investment Officer at Orion.

We discuss:

  • The rise of direct indexing
  • How direct indexing works
  • The coming boom in portfolio customization
  • How zero commissions opened the door for direct indexing
  • Will direct indexing take share from ETFs?
  • How directing indexing make ESG better
  • How tax loss harvesting works
  • Why financial advisors will fall in love with direct indexing
  • Recreating investment strategies with direct indexing
  • How direct indexing opens up more investment options
  • The importance of education with direct indexing
  • How direct indexing helps with legacy positions
  • How do financial advisors use direct indexing?
  • Using directing indexing to manage risk
  • How big can direct indexing get?

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