Animal Spirits: Stockpiling Cash

Today’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben is brought to you by EquityZen.

EquityZen is giving Animal Spirits listeners half off their first investment minimum by going to – usually a $20K minimum investment – we’re giving you $10K minimum.

We discuss:

  • The coming Airbnb IPO
  • Are there any likable tech CEOs?
  • WeWork’s latest PR nightmare
  • Rich people say they’re raising cash
  • Is this one of the hardest investing environments ever?
  • Do interest rates impact private markets?
  • Why no one will ever buy Twitter
  • YouTube influencers
  • Better finance analogy: sports or investing?
  • Jim Grant’s predictions
  • Finance Instagram
  • When social media overwhelms
  • Poems from T. Boone and much more

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