Animal Spirits Episode 56: How to Ask the Right Questions

This week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben is presented by J.P. Morgan Asset Management:

We discuss:

  • A history of the 401k.
  • Why pensions were never as prevalent as most people assume.
  • Why cashing out your 401k is a bad idea.
  • The pros & cons of multi-factor investing.
  • Competition in factor investing.
  • If market cap weighting is so bad, why is it so hard to beat?
  • What’s your morning routine?
  • The biggest financial regrets of the elderly.
  • Why the American dream is dying.
  • Why have healthcare costs risen so much over the past few decades?
  • Why you probably won’t finish the next non-fiction book you pick up to read.
  • How should you invest proceeds from the sale of a house?
  • Should you sell your winners or your losers when you need to draw down your portfolio?
  • What the financial advisory business will look like in 25 years & much more.

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