Animal Spirits: Inflation Ahead

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We discuss:

  • What if we see a big uptick in inflation that wipes out some of the government debt?
  • What would it take to get interest rates back up to 3-4%?
  • Why is the Fed buying corporate bonds?
  • It’s time to move on from complaining about the Fed
  • How is it possible for poverty to decline during a depression?
  • Is the Fed telling the government we have more capacity for fiscal stimulus?
  • Why can’t we give the lowest wage earners a bigger stipend when things go bad?
  • Could all of the stimulus money lead to a boom?
  • What if inflation follows the WWII path?
  • Why this is one of the hardest market environments ever for retirees
  • What if the big tech stocks are all up so much for good reason?
  • The garbage portfolio
  • New daytraders are not just a U.S. phenomenon
  • Why do so many institutions keep investing in hedge funds?
  • The hedge fund fee structure is ridiculous
  • People are moving to the burbs en masse in New York
  • Are colleges going to be forced to open for financial reasons?

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