Animal Spirits Episode 26: The Collaborative Podcast

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben, we welcomed on our first ever guest host, Morgan Housel from Collaborative Fund. The three of us discussed:

  • Who should invest in private companies?
  • How in the world do you pick top quartile venture capital funds?
  • Is it possible to invest privately using quantitative tools?
  • The overused finance phrases we find the most annoying.
  • What if Tesla was a private company?
  • What if Uber was a public company?
  • Finance professionals vs. technology professionals.
  • How is it possible Netflix is worth as much as Disney?
  • Amazon or Walmart?
  • How do you explain money management to someone who doesn’t know anything about managing money?
  • Is the Bezos shareholder letter the new Buffett shareholder letter?
  • Why good news is gradual but bad news is an event & much more.

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