Animal Spirits Episode 50: A Committee of Geniuses

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • How social media has changed financial media for the better.
  • The humble beginnings of this podcast.
  • The case for investing in bonds.
  • More hedge fund closures.
  • Julian Robertson’s poor timing.
  • Your adult children are killing your retirement savings.
  • The Bernank and why so many people misunderstood the Fed.
  • The myth of short-termism in public companies.
  • Why did Amazon raise their minimum wage?
  • Stocks are rising but valuations are falling.
  • Small stocks are falling faster than large stocks — what does it all mean?
  • How will the Fed unwinding its balance sheet impact the markets?
  • How much is too much in your employer’s stock?
  • The relentless bid and much more.

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