Animal Spirits: Rush to the Exits

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • Solar shaming
  • Power laws in the stock market
  • The insane number of stocks that end up losers
  • The stealth king of the passive bubble
  • Why a “rush for the exits” is a poor investment thesis
  • Why are fewer people driving minivans?
  • What would happen if the USD lost reserve currency status?
  • Valuations in the electric scooter business
  • Negative interest rates vs. investor psychology
  • Will there ever be negative interest rates in the US?
  • Why you should never borrow money from a friend
  • Can fintech take over the banking sector?
  • Twitter power users
  • What is the CAPE ratio for Marvel movies?
  • How momentum works
  • Why Star Wars didn’t age well and much more

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