Animal Spirits Episode 41: Despite All Logic

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • The debacle that is MoviePass.
  • Why Disney’s streaming service will be so successful.
  • Does it matter that Fidelity now has two index funds with no fees?
  • Myth-busting the idea that everyone had pensions in not-too-distant the past.
  • Why the pension funding crisis is something we’re extremely worried about.
  • Why bankruptcies are on the uptick for older generations.
  • The stock market’s price/sales ratio is a tad on the high side.
  • How an ETF was born out of a Twitter conversation.
  • The lure of venture capital.
  • Why VC returns are so concentrated at the top.
  • What do credit spreads really tell us?
  • An underrated TV show recommendation and much more.

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