Animal Spirits: It Wasn’t Transitory

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We discuss:

  • The Bitcoin ETF is here
  • Are we underestimating the amount of wealth management money coming into Bitcoin?
  • Is inflation stickier than previously thought?
  • Have wages risen enough to offset higher prices?
  • Why inflation could be worse
  • Why are so many people quitting their jobs?
  • The good news behind the supply shortage
  • Social security and ibonds
  • What does the stock market know?
  • Is leverage the answer to low rates?
  • Anecdotes vs. data in the housing market
  • What happened to Zillow?
  • Power laws in the creator economy
  • Netflix is to index funds as HBO is to FANG stocks
  • Is technical analysis astrology for men?
  • The Rock vs. Con Air and more

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