Talk Your Book: Investing in Wine

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Vinovest:

We spoke with Vinovest CEO Anthony Zhang about investing in wine.

We discuss:

  • Why does wine go up in value over time?
  • Collecting vs. investing in wine
  • Is there an expiration date on wine?
  • What is the benchmark for wine prices?
  • The operational challenges of investing in wine
  • How consumer preferences impact the wine world
  • What drives those changing preferences?
  • Who are the buyers of high-priced wine?
  • How did the pandemic impact the wine industry?
  • Return expectations for wine
  • The thesis for investing in wine
  • Are twist-off tops better than corks for wine?
  • What is the liquidity profile of the wine industry?
  • Does wine have bear markets?
  • How expensive can these bottles get?
  • How big is the wine market?

Listen here:



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