Animal Spirits Episode 67: Banning Buybacks

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We discuss:

  • Apple vs. Amazon in a heavyweight battle of fundamentals & market caps.
  • Facebook employees make a lot of money.
  • Is banning stock buybacks really going to help anything?
  • Google’s spending spree.
  • What would actually help wealth inequality?
  • How much money should institutional investors have in alternatives?
  • When should you stick with a money manager and when should you move on?
  • Why do endowments have so much money in alts?
  • Why volatility matters when spending down your portfolio.
  • Why have all the income gains gone to baby boomers?
  • The best part about the Fyre Festival pitch deck.
  • Why is there still so much money in low interest rate bank savings accounts?
  • Will Acorns help young people save more money?
  • More likely: Bigfoot is real or a comfortable retirement?
  • The proper ratio for trail mix and much more.

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