Animal Spirits: There’s No Crying in Crypto

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We discuss:

  • Is it time for the Fed to raise rates?
  • How does the stock market perform when interest rates rise?
  • Do rates now matter more to the markets than the economy?
  • Has the consumer ever been in a better position to handle inflation or rising rates?
  • Millennials are now the biggest spenders
  • Overnight wealth in altcoins is insane
  • The different levels of FOMO
  • Everything we learned in business school is wrong
  • What does ‘transitory’ even mean?
  • Is inflation a problem if wages are growing faster than prices?
  • The many unintended consequences of the pandemic
  • Are we setting up for mini-Toronto-like housing markets all around the U.S.?
  • Why our kids won’t care about gas prices
  • What is Zillow doing?

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