Animal Spirits: Fallen Angels

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We discuss:

  • Why aren’t stocks doing better in countries with a better virus response?
  • Why portfolio managers hate the Fed
  • Does it matter if the Fed buys ETFs?
  • How are the airlines going to survive?
  • Finding some gray area in the crisis data
  • Is there price gouging going on for food delivery?
  • Are white collar layoffs coming?
  • Working out from home
  • Why-didn’t-I-invest-in-that stocks
  • What if we don’t get any inflation from all this government spending?
  • Why didn’t more small businesses get a loan?
  • Preparing for meat shortages
  • Will there be any money left for millennials for social security?
  • Who lost when oil prices went negative?
  • How are schools going to adapt to online learning and more

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