Talk Your Book: Edly ISAs – Invest in Student Achievement

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Edly:

Michael and I spoke with Edly co-founders Chuck Trafton and Chris Ricciardi about all things income share agreements (ISAs), student loan debt, and how Edly is creating a marketplace for both students and investors.

We discuss:

  • What is the ROI on your college degree?
  • What is an income share agreement?
  • Risk management for your college degree
  • Average incomes by your education status
  • Getting investors to pay for your tuition in college
  • How ISAs offer income and employment insurance
  • Investing in wages as an asset class
  • The lifetime earnings for someone who completes a college degree
  • Which degrees offer the best returns?
  • How much do students end up paying for an ISA?
  • The disconnect between the price of college and the value
  • The characteristics of ISAs as an investment strategy
  • How ISAs could help hedge inflation

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