Animal Spirits Episode 77: Money Made By Chance

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We discuss:

  • Why dividends don’t matter as much as they used to for the stock market
  • The guy who bet $85k to win $1.2 million on Tiger winning the Masters
  • How it feels when someone other than you gets lucky in the markets
  • Ray Dalio’s plan to save capitalism
  • Are we really worse off than previous generations?
  • Investing in college grads
  • How do advisors spend their time?
  • Is Amazon really taking over the retail sector?
  • How voice technology could make us screen-less in the future
  • The perfect set-up for the blogger of the future
  • Disney Plus is going to be huge
  • Why didn’t the bull market help pensions more?
  • Why we need more house flippers
  • Where and when active management works
  • When the real world throws a wrench in your investment plan
  • When is the right time to meet with a financial advisor?
  • The new personal finance czar
  • A bad take for everything and much more

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