Animal Spirits: It’s Very Different This Time

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We discuss:

  • No one can predict the end of a speculative mania
  • The youths vs. the olds in the stock market
  • For better or worse, this is a young person’s market right now
  • Why technology may have changed market dynamics forever
  • What is going on with Gamestop?
  • What were these hedge funds thinking?
  • Will the SEC crackdown on WSB?
  • Why this is something different than 1999
  • Are hedge fund short presentations a thing of the past?
  • It’s hard out there for a short seller right now
  • Did The Big Short mark a top in hedge funds?
  • Why are tech stock valuations rising so fast?
  • Buying bitcoin with your tuition money?
  • How Netflix won the streaming wars
  • Where to save for a down payment and more

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