Animal Spirits: The Nastiest, Hardest Problem in Finance

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We discuss:

  • The Charles Schwab-TD Ameritrade deal
  • Did Robinhood completely change the landscape in asset management?
  • The Robloncho and the Cybertruck
  • How to crack the retirement income problem
  • Will robo-advisors eventually get into annuities?
  • Why isn’t daycare included in public school funding?
  • Why isn’t maternity leave longer for more people?
  • Why aren’t more people moving?
  • Who are the baby boomers going to sell their houses to?
  • Zillow’s plans to change the way we buy and sell homes
  • Is Apple’s stock too big?
  • Should podcasting be bigger than it already is?
  • Did Michael ever get back into trading?
  • What returns would a 60/40 portfolio have seen this year?
  • No layaway November and much more

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