Animal Spirits: The Second Wave

Show number 3 this week. Thank you for sticking with us.

We discuss:

  • Will we get inflation or deflation from this crisis?
  • When will you feel safe to fly again? How about a restaurant?
  • Why life is going to be weird for a while
  • The economy is going to be operating at partial capacity for a while
  • When will sports stadiums have fans again?
  • How bad have things been for millennials in their working lives?
  • Are people better off than they were 4 decades ago?
  • Is there any way to fix wealth inequality?
  • How many waves of layoffs will there be?
  • Has the fiscal stimulus been a success so far?
  • How does the gig economy get a bailout?
  • Do we need to see the big tech firms get hit for another leg lower in the stock market?
  • How do the corporate bailouts actually work?
  • What if real estate prices don’t fall as much as we think?
  • Why people should be negotiating all of their bills right now
  • Are colleges in trouble?
  • Should Netflix be worth more than Disney?
  • Why are we having weird dreams?
  • How has the crisis impacted people’s spending?
  • When will we feel safe to go back to the gym?

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