Animal Spirits: 10,000 Day Traders

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We discuss:

  • New all-time lows for mortgage rates
  • Why buying a home is cheaper than most people realize
  • Where did the 30 year mortgage come from?
  • Will real estate outperform the stock market in the 2020s?
  • When do more loans start going bad?
  • Why the telegraphed nature of this recession helps the banks prepare for the downturn
  • People are still spending money
  • Did the stock market price in a vaccine already?
  • Questions about the implementation of a vaccine
  • Why aren’t we trying more experiments to control the virus?
  • The stock market now yields way more than treasuries
  • Mega cap stocks continue to dominate everything else
  • Record lows in corporate borrowing rates
  • Why young people are mad at the older generations
  • Retail traders are coming back to the market with a vengeance
  • Betterment vs. Robinhood
  • Why pizza delivery works better than other food delivery options
  • How to save money when you get a bonus
  • Should you pay down student loans during a recession?
  • Apple TV and more

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