Animal Spirits: The Influencer Bubble

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We discuss:

  • The pogo stick indicator.
  • The poor performance of alternative funds.
  • Tariff impacts on Chipotle.
  • Is the bond market really that smart?
  • Can yields be used to predict a recession?
  • The staggering number of people who own a mobile phone.
  • Taking on debt to fund extracurricular activities for your kids.
  • Worries about overzealous parents at sporting events.
  • Causes of death vs. what the news reports on.
  • Muting Drake on Twitter.
  • Why it can be difficult to cash in on social media followers.
  • Our favorite investment conferences (it’s a short list).
  • How young people should think about investing.
  • Don’t believe the headlines about bonds.
  • Writing vs. podcasting.
  • Are podcasts better than books?
  • Managing your finances with an unpredictable income and much more.

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