Animal Spirits Episode 45: Do We Need a Recession?

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • The financial independent, retire early movement.
  • Does the 4% rule work if you retire in your 30s?
  • Why you’re paying so little for all your new services
  • Taking private jets for college tours.
  • Is venture capital propping up a bunch of terrible business models?
  • How M&A is impacting the market structure.
  • Weed stocks or cannabis companies?
  • Does it matter if Google and Facebook aren’t in the tech sector anymore?
  • Could 5 random people off the street outperform a group of professional investors?
  • The demographics of the financial services industry.
  • Why are celebrities so terrible at managing their money?
  • Was the 1970s inflation spike worse than the Great Recession?

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