Animal Spirits: Listener Mailbag

Today’s listener mailbag is presented by Naviplan by Invest Cloud:

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We discuss:

  • When does frugality become a problem?
  • How should start-up stock options fit within a financial plan?
  • Do bonds still make sense if market downturns are happening faster?
  • Will targetdate funds start holding more stocks?
  • Owning a home is not for everyone
  • Is there another way to invest in the housing boom?
  • Is it worth it to pay $2 million for a starter home?
  • HSAs vs. 529 plans
  • Is it time to take cash out of your home?
  • Is it a mistake to put more money in your taxable account than your IRA?
  • Does a 20-30% cash allocation to swing at fat pitches make sense?
  • Learning vs. earning early in your career
  • Why are bond yields so low when inflation is rising?
  • Does leverage make sense to play catch-up with retirement savings?
  • How does crypto fit within a portfolio?

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