Animal Spirits: Bad Ideas

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We discuss:

  • Why are baby boomers selling their stocks?
  • How target date funds are growing in importance
  • Why aren’t more value funds closing down?
  • Why there were so few distressed opportunities in this bear market
  • At what point does historical market data become useless?
  • Isn’t it a good thing companies are taking on more debt with rates so low?
  • Why it’s hard to use rules of thumb in finance
  • Is the 4% rule still applicable for retirement withdrawals?
  • Is Cathie Wood the most underappreciated fund manager in the business?
  • What are some of the most disruptable industries of the future?
  • Will we see more government spending during future economic crises?
  • Why did credit scores rise this year?
  • Collapsing levels of trust
  • How many different versions of history will be written in the future?
  • Some optimism about the end of the pandemic

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