Animal Spirits: Capitalism as We Know It

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We discuss:

  • More bang for the buck: wiping out student loan debt or credit card debt?
  • Why haven’t credit card rates moved lower?
  • What are we over- and under-estimating about behavioral changes from the crisis?
  • Why do people favor real estate as an investment?
  • Who profited from negative oil prices?
  • Are investors too bullish about the future?
  • Are gyms in big trouble?
  • How many unemployed people are being made whole?
  • Will there be an exodus from cities?
  • Will more people retire early because of the crisis?
  • How long until we get a vaccine?
  • Are things so much better today that we can’t psychologically handle something like a pandemic?
  • Will there be a fall semester for college students?
  • How a crisis can change your investment thesis on the fly
  • The benefits of having a behavioral release valve in your portfolio
  • Why do Netflix movies feel like they’re only 80% finished?
  • When can we officially declare value investing dead and more

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