Animal Spirits: What Makes People Happier Than Money

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We discuss:

  • Why is wealth inequality getting so out of control?
  • Will the next stock market crash only hurt the rich?
  • Why the middle class has so much riding on their home as an asset
  • How can we get more people to invest in the stock market?
  • Is housing becoming too expensive relative to wages?
  • Is private equity in trouble?
  • Will private equity ever make it into target-date funds?
  • Why the index fund bubble talk makes no sense
  • Does it matter that the S&P 500 is so concentrated at the top?
  • Why the U.S. is so unique when it comes to a country’s stock market
  • Has the market ever been tethered to fundamentals?
  • The simplest hedge there is
  • Why being good at sales is often all you need in business
  • Who gets all the alpha from alternative data?
  • What makes people happier than money?

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