Talk Your Book: How to Use Thematic ETFs

Today’s Animal Spirits: Talk Your Book is presented by Direxion.

We spoke with Dave Mazza about Direxion’s thematic ETFs.

We discuss:

  • Do interest rates matter for growth stocks?
  • Work from home is like electricity?
  • How thematic ETFs have evolved
  • Performance vs. flows in thematic ETFs
  • What are the technological tools that were accelerated in the pandemic?
  • Which companies are positioned to take advantage of the work from home boom?
  • What does the anti-WFH basket of stocks look like?
  • The potential for hydrogen to make the world greener
  • How are advisors using thematic ETFs?
  • Why are there so many companies with no earnings today?
  • MOON vs. ARKK

Listen here:


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