Animal Spirits: Trading the Election

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We discuss:

  • The presidential election and your portfolio
  • How does the stock market typically react after the election?
  • What is the contrarian take on the election?
  • How many investors made changes to their portfolio ahead of the election?
  • Is it finally time to see value outperform growth?
  • The resiliency of the U.S. economy
  • What if we have a 4-5 month recession before the vaccine gets here?
  • Is David Einhorn right about a tech stock bubble?
  • Why it’s so hard to change your mind after you’ve been right about the markets
  • Why Netflix is far and away the best streaming brand
  • Are rentals the next epicenter of a housing crisis?
  • Why housing is not just a pandemic story
  • Why we need a new Marshall Plan for infrastructure
  • Will ESG become a new factor for portfolios?
  • The drawbacks of some new fintech platforms
  • Why people retire earlier than they plan for
  • Starting a business with your friends and more

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