Talk Your Book: Is the Fed Too Entrenched?

Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by State Street. Check out State Street’s latest quarterly fixed income report.

We spoke with State Street’s Marvin Loh about all things fixed income investing and the difficulty of investing in a world with no yield.

We discuss:

  • Is government spending during a downturn now the norm?
  • What if we made fiscal spending rules-based?
  • Why is inflation so difficult to predict?
  • What is the inflation story around the globe?
  • The risk profile for emerging market bonds
  • Does the Fed run the risk of becoming too entrenched?
  • Is the Fed now an ingrained part of the markets going forward?
  • Why is there still so much demand for bonds at low rates?
  • Are low rates creating zombie companies?
  • Do zombie companies actually hurt anyone?
  • Do we need higher rates for value to beat growth?
  • Markets vs. the election
  • Does the Fed have the ability to cap rates?
  • Is cash now an asset class?
  • Is the Fed causing wealth inequality?
  • What’s worse: deflation or inflation?

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