Animal Spirits: Apocalyptic Thinking

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben…

We discuss:

  • Kobe Bryant and learning to deal with death
  • Why did boomers own so many more homes at a young age than millennials do now?
  • Have zero trading commissions led to increased trading?
  • Why has the turnover of stocks increased in recent decades?
  • Reasons for working longer when you hit retirement age
  • How much is your stream of social security payments worth?
  • Should social security be thought of as a bond substitute?
  • Who do we trust more to invest for the future: the government or private enterprise?
  • Which personal finance knowledge really matters?
  • Why are REITs the best performing asset class this century?
  • Is it now more economical to ditch your car and simply pay for ridesharing?
  • Why overpopulation is not something you should worry about
  • Why young people are so fed up with capitalism
  • Why do analysts still use price targets and buy/sell ratings?
  • Lump-sum investing an inheritance and much more.

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