Animal Spirits: The Next Big Short?

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We discuss:

  • Does all the high-frequency trading at the start and end of the day matter?
  • What trends will die off with the baby boomer generation?
  • Is Rich Dad, Poor Dad real? Does it even matter?
  • Visualizing wealth inequality
  • Walmart’s competition with Amazon
  • Are banks a big short again?
  • Value investing and low volatility stocks
  • Why did valuations get so low during the late-70s/early-80s?
  • Why does the government charge such high rates on student loan debt?
  • Where fund money goes to die
  • The John Oliver of finance
  • Crypto derivatives
  • Is Woj his own brand?
  • Celebrating saving milestones
  • Which to attend: Our Wealth/Stack Conference or a golf tournament?

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