Animal Spirits: The Great Depression of 2073

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We discuss:

  • Why Michael is getting back into trading
  • Facebook’s new cryptocurrency
  • Is it a good thing more professional investors are buying up starter homes?
  • Should Vanguard get into private equity?
  • Should the limits be lowered for accredited investors to put their money into hedge funds and private equity?
  • Why Harry Dent says there will be a depression in the year 2073
  • Can you really use demographics to predict the markets?
  • Amazon has breadth, not depth in market share
  • Down markets attract sellers
  • How many people cry after selling their home?
  • Why it’s better to peak late in your career
  • Who owns the various media entities?
  • Why the 1990s had much better movies than we do now
  • Why gyms want you to pay but not come to the gym & much more

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