Animal Spirits: I’ve Never Used an Emoji

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We discuss:

  • Underwater auto loans
  • Denominator blindness in debt statistics
  • Auto loans vs. student loans
  • Ray Dalio’s dire warnings
  • Billionaires vs. everyone else
  • Fixing dunking on Twitter
  • My stunning lack of emoji use
  • Is it too late to fix the problems with social media?
  • Did Silicon Valley jump the shark?
  • Softbank’s hilarious powerpoint deck
  • Is it finally time to buy value stocks?
  • Infinite leverage on Robinhood
  • What will Disney+ mean for the other streaming services?
  • What if personal finance classes would work better than experts think?
  • Cash on the sidelines…again
  • Can 401k inflows prop up the market?
  • Michael getting dunked on and much more

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