Animal Spirits Episode 61: The Bear Market

  • The carnage in the stock market.
  • Does this mean we’re going into a recession?
  • How historically bad is the latest quarter in stocks?
  • Why young people should be happy about the drop in stock prices.
  • Why the Fed can’t win no matter what they do?
  • Will it be the Fed’s fault if we go into a recession?
  • Is “influencer” the worst word of 2018?
  • Why do people trade more in their taxable accounts?
  • How taxes impact investment decisions.
  • How different generations consume their news.
  • A terrific Reddit thread.
  • Why CEOs get too much credit when things go well and too much blame when things go wrong.
  • What happened to GE?
  • An underrated Christmas movie pick and much more.

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