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We discuss:

  • Why diversifying overseas still makes sense.
  • What matters more — valuations or mean reversion?
  • Does value investing work better overseas?
  • Is market cap weighting really suboptimal?
  • Can factor investing replace old-school active management?
  • Why should investors bother diversifying internationally?
  • Why everyone has S&P 500 envy.
  • Structuring a multifactor portfolio.
  • Finding unicorn stocks in a multifactor model.
  • The problem with single variable analysis.
  • Constraining a portfolio when investing outside of the U.S.
  • Are multifactor funds simply mid-cap funds in drag?
  • Have factors worked better in foreign markets?
  • Is it easier to outperform in foreign markets?
  • How adding momentum and quality can help the value stocks.

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