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I am excited to be featured in Larry MacDonald’s Me and My Money column this weekend in the Globe and Mail. The article includes a profile of my investment approach, some of my best and worst investments over the years and my advice for investors.

Here’s the article: Analyst Puts His ‘Probability Bet’ on Index Funds

Please check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

If you came to my site after reading about me in the Globe and Mail, here are some of my basic investment tenets:

1. Keep things simple. Complexity does not increase your wealth. In most cases it hurts your bottom line.

2. Keep costs low as they can hurt your long-term results. This means keep transactions to a minimum and invest with low-cost index funds.

3. Stay disciplined and think long-term. Short-term market moves can cause you to make irrational decisions with your investments.

4. Keep your behavior in check. This means do not try to time the market and don’t let fear and greed control your decisions (this is easier said than done).

5. Investing can be simple, but it’s not easy. Make a long-term, rules-based plan that you can use to automate good behavior. This includes dollar cost averaging into the market, rebalancing at predetermined intervals and global diversification through a proper asset allocation between the different investment classes.

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