Animal Spirits: Murder of the American Dream

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We discuss:

  • The brutal economic and market environment of the 1970s
  • The first decade ever in the U.S. without a single recession
  • Why mom and pop don’t control the markets as much as you think
  • No one gets fired for investing with Bridgewater
  • Why CalPERS should either index or insource
  • How to raise kind children
  • Should you pay for your student loans from your 401k?
  • Who’s buying all the houses today?
  • Where nervous investors are putting their money today
  • Do annuities make sense for older investors?
  • The case for investing in emerging markets
  • The most popular finance search terms of 2019
  • Do people launder money through expensive art?
  • The difference between an amateur and a professional and much more

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