Animal Spirits: We Love to Spend Money

Today’s Animal Spirits is presented by Acre Trader:

Check out the Talk Your Book we did with Acre Tradr CEO Carter Malloy about the case for investing in farmland.

We discuss:

  • Is this going to be the best stock market environment of our lifetime?
  • How much leverage is too much in crypto?
  • Why are crypto prices rising again?
  • Does it make sense to sell some bitcoin to fund a down payment on a house?
  • Did we just have the shortest recession in history?
  • Some parents are now paying for their kids’ college tuition and down payment
  • Are housing prices finally cooling off?
  • Institutional investors are competing against the bond market not homebuyers for single-family rentals
  • Do Americans have fewer friends now?
  • The Robinhood IPO
  • Why don’t more fintechs have IRA options?
  • Is HBO Max the best streaming service?

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