Animal Spirits: CEO Departures

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We discuss:

  • What happens to stocks that experience and unexpected CEO departure?
  • Finance arguments that will never end
  • Pros and cons of banning share buybacks
  • Why buybacks make for a convenient scapegoat
  • Would it matter if they broke up Facebook?
  • Elizabeth Warren’s plans to break up public companies
  • Is Tesla a bellwether for risk appetite in the markets?
  • Why China matters more to the movie business than the US now
  • Does the Rock make movies specifically for a Chinese audience?
  • How Rotten Tomatoes works
  • Why are real estate commissions so high?
  • Misunderstandings in the private equity markets
  • Why is everyone so bearish?
  • Watch what people do, not what they say
  • Do politics really matter to the markets?
  • What if paternity leave was mandatory (or available to more workers)?
  • Could we ever get another Great Depression?
  • Why it’s getting harder to raise money for hedge funds & much more

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