Animal Spirits: The Short Squeeze

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We discuss:

  • Trillion-dollar companies
  • The massive rise in Tesla shares
  • Why doesn’t financial literacy work?
  • Coming up with a new US retirement system
  • Why its time to move on from the 401k
  • Ben’s 5 point plan for a new retirement system
  • How many people are dependent on social security for retirement?
  • Why wages are rising for people are the bottom of the income scale
  • Why more governing is happening at the state and local levels
  • Stop blaming the Fed for everything (only some things)
  • Where’s the volatility in the stock market
  • How bull markets generally work
  • Where is all of the euphoria in the markets?
  • What are reasonable long-term return assumptions?
  • What’s the point of having physical credit cards anymore?
  • A fundamental reshaping of finance or woke investing?
  • Where have all the start-ups gone?
  • Why do all NBA players want to be VCs these days?
  • Are yawns really contagious?
  • Why owning a home isn’t for everyone
  • How many young people should have 100% of their retirement money in stocks?
  • Is there any alpha on Twitter?

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