Animal Spirits: Inflation Truthers

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We discuss:

  • Is inflation being understated?
  • What if it’s actually being overstated
  • How the availability bias impacts our thinking around price changes
  • Is mean reversion the biggest reason growth is outperforming value?
  • Do rates need to rise for value investing to work again?
  • Why it’s always and never a stock picker’s market
  • What’s the case for higher than expected stock market returns?
  • The cult status of bitcoin
  • Crypto is a call option on human nature
  • Is the Fed more important than the president?
  • Why are municipal finances holding up better than expected in the pandemic?
  • How can employment be down so much but incomes up?
  • Why even wine experts can’t tell the difference between inexpensive and pricey wine
  • What happened to Jack Ma?
  • Netflix is the king of streaming and more

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