Animal Spirits Potpourri: Episodes 2-4

For our new podcast, Michael and I plan on releasing one 20-30 minute episode (lifehack: listen at 2x speed if you’re a podcast maniac like me and it’ll take you 10-15 minutes per episode) every Wednesday morning but we’ve been practicing for a few weeks (taping yourself having a conversation is not as easy as it sounds) and have a backlog of three episodes.

So we’re releasing them all today so we can get on our regular schedule.

For those of you who missed our initial go at this, our first episode discussed how we invest our personal portfolios and how our views on investing have evolved over time.

In Episode 2 we talked about:

  • How much harder investing is now than it once was.
  • The difference between portfolio managers and portfolio management.
  • Michael’s all-time favorite investing book.
  • The right way to think about financial media.
  • Unconstrained funds and the silliness of “best ideas” portfolios.
  • The future of the asset management business.
  • The impressive performance in tech stocks.
  • The psychology behind receiving dividends.
  • A hilarious story about Rodney Dangerfield.

Listen here:

Episode 3 was the first time we recorded in the same room as I was in NYC for a few days. Topics include:

  • What to do in an environment of lower expected returns.
  • How to protect yourself against complacency.
  • What would cause us to sell all of our stocks?
  • Does reading investing books make you a better investor?
  • My reaction to being quoted in Jack Bogle’s new book.

Listen here:

And episode 4 was a post-mortem on our Evidence-Based Investing Conference which was held in NYC recently. We talked about:

  • Highlights and takeaways from Scott Galloway, Liz Ann Sonders, Cliff Asness, Tim Buckley, Jason Zweig, and more.
  • Thoughts on what to do for our next conference in California.
  • Michael’s Netflix movie reviews after being out sick for a week.

Listen here:

And thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on this project. We’re having fun with this new medium and will certainly be taking everyone’s suggestions to heart. Have a nice weekend.

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